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  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, MFC 50882, Board of Behavior Sciences
  • Masters in Counseling Psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco
  • Post Graduate Education in Psychology at the Holos Institute of San Francisco
  • Graduate training in Gestalt Therapy from the Integral Counseling Center , San Francisco
  • Bachelors in Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin
  • Current member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, CAMFT Member ID 87621

Office Policies


To schedule an initial appointment, you may contact me by telephone. If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you are required to provide 48 hours advance notice. Otherwise, you will be charged for the full session.


Legal and ethical responsibilities require that private sessions remain confidential. Therefore, no information will be released to another professional or agency without your written consent. Exceptions will be made only if you endanger, or may endanger, yourself or others, and/or in the case of child abuse or elder abuse. In these cases the law requires your therapist to share certain information with specific outside parties.

Length of Sessions

Sessions are 50 minutes in length.


We will disclose the psychotherapy fee during our first contact, before you make your initial counseling appointment. Cash or check is accepted for payment.


Insurance will often cover at least part of the cost of certain psychotherapeutic modalities. If you wish to file an insurance claim with your health insurance provider, your therapist will issue a bill that includes all the necessary information to assist you in filing your claim. Remember, in most cases, insurance companies will insist that you have a diagnosable condition in order to receive reimbursement.

Voice Mail/Emergencies

I am available by telephone should a situation arise that cannot wait until your next scheduled appointment. In such cases, please leave a message on voice mail indicating the nature of the situation. I will return client calls as soon as possible for such urgent issues. If you are experiencing an emergency and need immediate assistance, please call 911.

Communication Advice for Couples

Couples often come into couples counseling sharing how the smallest and seemingly insignificant details of life are quite often the topics of fights.  So many of us have found ourselves fighting over mundane parts of our lives and end up…

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I've looked for many therapists in my life and they never felt like they were right for me, then I found Courtney. She is so down to earth and relatable...I immediately felt as ease. Not only that, she is super inquisitive & offers actual skills to work on when you're not in the therapy office. I felt like she truly supported my healing in such a heartfelt way. Highly highly recommend!

Madison M.

I highly recommend Courtney Collier as a therapist. I immediately felt at ease with Courtney even though I was very anxious to share in therapy at first. She has helped me grow so much as a person in the past year and has worked with me on strategies that I still use everyday. She is a relatable, warm, and nonjudgemental person. Every session (whether I was dreading or wanting to go that particular day) has always ended with me feeling clearheaded and glad I went. Courtney offers great guidance and perspective if you are open to her insight and honest with yourself. I trust her. She's done wonders for me, I really can't recommend her enough as a therapist.

Sidney S.

I can't say enough wonderful things about this therapist. I started seeing Courtney 3 years ago when I was struggling with relationship issues, work issues...etc, etc. Not only did she help me understand the root of my suffering & where all my crap came from but she helped me develop new skills, new ways of walking through my life. I feel like I've moved into adulthood and she guided this process so skillfully. Courtney is so easy to talk to. She's really down to earth, present, and will say the truth (I've had therapists in the past who just mirror, nod, & empathize...I need more!). Life changing therapist!

Sharon G.

Courtney has been a great help for me and I would highly recommend her for anyone looking to center themselves and better themselves. She is very present in our sessions and I couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Brent M.

There are many therapist out there - but not many with such incredible intuition and insight as Courtney. I am picky - tried out a few different people and once I found Courtney I knew I had found the person. She helped me through a time of self-discovery and was monumental in helping me make relationship choices that were right for ME. She was able to help me find myself, and find clarity in what I really needed and wanted. I always left her office feeling renewed and clear headed - and the strength I got from my work with her STILL resonates throughout all aspects of my life.

Debra N.

Knowing Courtney for over 6 years now, I have found her to be a fantastic soul, a powerful woman with healing energy that is clear and loving. I trust her. Courtney is intelligent and intuitive which are important attributes for those of us who seek therapy. But the rarity of someone like Courtney that has a good mind AND a genuine, loving, compassionate soul does not come more highly recommended by this reviewer.

Brent J.

Courtney is a very smart, very intuitive therapist. Being a therapist myself, I refer many clients over to her. Besides being a highly skilled clinician, she's incredibly compassionate and empathic. I would highly recommend Courtney for anyone who is looking to work through any challenges they might be facing.

Leora J.

I highly recommend Courtney Collier, her no-nonsense approach is exactly what we needed. I saw Courtney for couples counseling during a time where my boyfriend & I both felt like we could really use a third-party intervention. My boyfriend and I are two strong people, and we needed a therapist to be sharp enough to call us out on our stuff. Not only did she prove a strong therapist, in the end I really got a sense that she cared about us. Perhaps it's a small thing, but it made the whole therapy experience real for me.

It's amazing how our fights always seemed to be over they same small stuff & Courtney helped us see that what we where fighting about wasn't necessarily about the content, but about much deeper needs both of us had. Knowing this, we now can have meaningful and productive conversations that often have a good outcome.

I walked out of therapy seeing our relationship issues as just normal stuff people go through. What makes our couples counselor unique is that her style of counseling uses tools that she instructed us to use in session. We continue to be mindful and use these tools outside of our session. This hands-on approach gave us essential life skills that I just didn't get growing up...common sense skills to communicate with honesty and vulnerability and ways to avoid reactive fighting that so plagued us in the past.

Carrie L.